What To Wear: Holiday Party & New Year’s Eve For Men

What To Wear: Holiday Party & New Year’s Eve For Men

If you still need to decide what to wear to celebrate the New Year, sit back comfortably: you will have an excursion through the fashionable world of the most magical night of this year.

They say how you celebrate the New Year is how you spend it. Therefore, preparation for the holiday begins in advance: we make a menu and buy gifts and interior decorations. And also we select an outfit, following personal tastes, advice from designers, or characteristics corresponding to the new “patron” of the year.

Officially, the Rabbit will come into its own according to the eastern calendar only on January 22. Still, you can show respect for him already on the night of December 31 to January 1. Astrologers are sure that if you choose the proper outfit and its color, the "master" of the year will respond with favor - and good luck in the new year will be guaranteed. This season we are lucky: the Rabbit will have nothing against many fashion trends, and some of them will especially appeal to him.

new year 2023

2023 is the year of the Black Water-Rabbit. Many people believe that doing the wrong thing when celebrating the New Year will affect their luck in the future. The same applies to clothing.

Finding the perfect party outfit is hard enough. It is essential to know the main trends to make the right decision. The outfit should be comfortable and attractive and contribute to creating a festive mood. Modern men also care about image and status and strive to dress stylishly and tastefully. Let's talk about the main fashion trends of 2023.

How to celebrate the New Year 2023 of the Water Rabbit?

After a busy and eventful 2022, which required total commitment to achieve success, 2023 will be more relaxed. You can count on a comfortable pace and put more effort into introspection and balance.

The following colors are expected to be trending in early 2023:

  • juicy red, filled with sensuality and activity;
  • calm blue, which means clarity and stillness;
  • copper;
  • sand, which reveals a sense of purity and modesty.

‘’For a festive look, it is recommended to choose different shades of blue.’’

What color outfit should you NOT wear in the year of the Rabbit?

Choose something other than bright neon shades. The rabbit loves natural and calm colors. Outfits of flashy and acid dyes should not be worn for the celebration of the New Year 2023:

  • bright pink,
  • green,
  • light green,
  • bright yellow or lemon.

You should not choose them for accessories if you want to get the favor of the upcoming symbol of the new year.

What to wear for the New Year 2023 for men?

  • layered silhouettes;
  • voluminous and massive scarves. You should not combine them with tight trousers;
  • classic-shaped leather jackets without additional decorative elements;
  • bomber jackets are an integral part;
  • knitted products with applications;

What color for New Year 2023 should men wear? Stylists recommend choosing discreet shades and traditional colors: Black, grey, navy blue, and indigo. Gray patterns on a black background and red-orange checks on a dark background are popular.

In winter, it is better to choose discreet colors. Stylists prefer a calm, strict and concise beige color. It has an incredible palette of shades: from warm milky to caramel.

What do stylists recommend for men to wear for the new year 2023? These are denim shirts that can be paired with blazers, winter coats, ties, and dress pants. They can be made in patchwork style and decorated with stripes. Classic-cut shirts with a stand-up collar and embroidered logos are popular.

Leather pants will become part of the fashionable men's look in 2023. The trends are black, dark brown, and dark gray. For young and slender men, tight trousers are recommended for the ankle or slightly higher. They can become part of a business suit. Loose trousers are suitable for older men.

Total Denim Look

Menswear continues to pay homage to the 2000s and offers head-to-toe denim. Combinations can vary from stylish shorts, a matching shirt, loose trousers, a jacket with patch pockets, jeans, and a retro bomber jacket.

denim look


Another men's trend in 2023 that designers recommend wearing, including full bows. Leather suits look incredibly elegant, stylish, and expensive. You can combine them with essential knitwear or interesting T-shirts (with a bright print or a plunging neckline). You can also make a leather set yourself. For example, they complement wide leather trousers with a shirt or oversized bomber jacket.

python leather jacket

Patch Pockets and Safari Style

Clothing with patch pockets is a must-have for the coming year. Someone hits the aesthetics entirely, complementing safari jackets with matching trousers and backpacks or hats with adventure motifs. Others mix safari with pieces from other operas: jackets, leather jackets, coats, jeans, shirts, and more in general, the safari style can be traced in the collections of designers from young to old.

Patch Pockets and Safari Style

Sporty Style

All brands presented tracksuits with hints of retro style at the shows. The sporty style in the 2023 collection can be traced even to small things. Hoods, which should be worn on the head, have become an absolute must-have. They should be combined with a classic and business wardrobe with basic sneakers.

Sporty Style

Fashion Knitwear

It is impossible to imagine the autumn-winter season of 2023 without a cozy sweater or jumper. In addition to basic knitwear (black long sleeves must be in everyone's wardrobe), bright tight-knit models are in trend. You can look at sweaters in color block technique, with a print in the form of a strip or a cage. For summer, crochet lace is a great option. A translucent jumper in light shades will look breathtakingly on a tanned body and give comfort even on the hottest day.

Fashion Knitwear

Oversized Outerwear

This autumn/winter, we are choosing oversized outerwear or with a deliberately increased shoulder line. It can be down jackets, bombers, anoraks, leather goods, or coats. You can wear them with denim or dress pants for a wow look! Among the latter, wrap models are especially distinguished (the most flexible options made of soft fabrics, without buttons) and classic cut options with voluminous shoulders.

Oversized Outerwear


In 2023, men's fashion is layered. And both in winter and in summer. Designers offer not only to wear coats over T-shirts with jackets but also to wear two shirts at a time, complement the looks with bright vests, and throw parkas over shorts and T-shirts in the summer. The most inveterate fashionistas can try on a new trend and warm up to the maximum by complementing a trench coat with a raincoat or a jacket with a down jacket.

raincoat with a down jacket


Accessories: the best options for meeting the new, 2023

Crossbody Bag

Comfortable and practical men's cross-body bags must be in the fashionable arsenal of any modern man. They will suit a variety of outfits and will be an ideal option for an active life in a big city. Crossbody bags are relevant, minimalistic, leather, and sporty, with wide belts. But as for the color, it is better to prefer calm, pastel shades.

crocodile leather crossbody bag

Tie or Pocket Square

You can choose a tie in blue and dark blue colors (unless it is combined with a suit). However, when celebrating the New Year in an informal setting, it is better to replace the usual tie with a bright and contrasting pocket square. This accessory, on the one hand, will allow you to look stylish and elegant, on the other hand, more relaxed.

Tie or Pocket Square 


As for shoes, then, even celebrating the New Year at home, give up slippers. Dress shoes are not required. Less formal options, such as loafers or moccasins for men, are also suitable.


Classic Leather Wallet

If you are going to spend the Year’s Eve at a bar, you can’t go to it and, while being dressed stylish, open up a poor-quality wallet and pay from it. If you appreciate quality and convenience, a classic black wallet made of natural leather is for you to keep up on New Year’s Eve. Cash, coins, and bank cards - everything will fit.

crocodile leather wallet

Black Leather Suspenders For an Accent in The Image

Such an accessory can easily focus attention on the image in formal business style and casual.

leather suspenders

Summing Up

The most magical night of the year is just around the corner. Clothes greet them, and the owner of this year's Rabbit will generally draw all conclusions about you based on your outfit. It is not so important when you celebrate the New Year because on this night, you can be anywhere, and the most important thing, in this case, is your image.

Approach with all responsibility the most magical junction of years. There are many options for a successful appearance, and it is important that in any price segment, you can find what will lead you to a successful start to the year.

But which image to choose is up to you; proceed from your personal preferences, mood, and internal state. Clothing should entirely reflect your mood for 2023.


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