What are Espadrilles and How to Wear Them? A Full Guide For Men

What are Espadrilles and How to Wear Them? A Full Guide For Men | Reggenza blog

Espadrilles are a great choice for the summer season. Simple, unmatched in form, yet incredibly stylish, the shoe unites even the biggest supporters of sneakers. Espadrilles compromise closed shoes - moccasins or sneakers, and open shoes - slippers or sandals. Laceless shoes are gaining more and more fans. And great! Espadrilles are not only comfortable and comfortable but also suitable for many stylizations. They add the desired simplicity and freedom to the image. And most notably, in the summer heat - they allow the legs to breathe! They go well with the Bermudas, shorts, and long denim trousers, but also with more elegant chino trousers. Espadrilles are the best choice for summer! Why? You can effortlessly pair them with your wardrobe to create stylish urban daywear and more formal work outfits.

These products are thin and flexible soles and have no laces. The laconic appearance allows you to combine shoes with clothes. Models made from lightweight insulation and breathable fabrics are perfect for the hot season. You can also find products that will be comfortable in the off-season.

In appearance, they are unpretentious and inconspicuous, but in hot weather, anyone can appreciate all the advantages of these shoes. Today we will look at how to wear men's espadrilles to look fashionable.

Some days you just want to slip on something casual and wear your espadrilles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jazz club or just in the store. A great pair of espadrilles can make anyone feel good.


Historical Digression

The revolutionary history of espadrilles starts in Spain's XIII century. It's challenging to identify whether these were original soldiers or ordinary villagers. Espadrilles were first worn in Occitania and were thought to be the footwear of peasants, miners, and monks at the time (a region in the Basque area of the French Pyrenees). When the espadrilles crossed the Pyrenees into Spain, the Catalans named them espadrilles, while the Castilians called them esparteas. The French Basques subsequently dubbed them esparteñas.

Espadrilles were not worn for a long time, but they were purchased almost for nothing. The sole was made from herbs and took only a couple of hours to create.

In the 20th century, this type of footwear became widespread in the world of high fashion.


How To Style?

This is not the most demanding type of shoes when choosing the right clothes. Probably, only with a classic-style wardrobe and business suits will they not be combined at all. As for the rest, the only significant trend is the summer wardrobe. Here, men are given a vast and diverse choice: sweatpants, jeans, trousers made of cotton or linen, and shorts of various shades and styles.

Of course, light T-shirts and shirts of various colors are perfect for them. You should not complement such an image with a tie, even when making the most daring and outrageous decisions.

Due to their originality, espadrilles are usually worn without socks (however, Salvador Dali preferred to wear them with socks). If you remember the men in black socks and white slates, it looks almost the same. Socks cross out all the comfort your feet need on a hot day. After all, as mentioned earlier, the legs must breathe, and socks, on the contrary, fetter and cause discomfort.

Wear them with light-colored shorts, light trousers, in a word, with those clothes that are designed for warm summer weather. The abundance of colors answers the question of what to wear with espadrilles.

men at street


Espadrilles With Suit

While it's unlikely to be the first combination that comes to mind, these disassembled shoes can be the perfect addition to your summer outfit under the right circumstances. With all the nonchalance of flip-flops but without the gritty flavor, espadrilles are a worthy addition to a pair of unstructured linen pieces.

Color is another crucial point to pay attention to in casual sport's shoes. Light shades naturally create a more relaxed vibe and are more likely to be paired with espadrilles. You can also show off your individuality by matching your suit with espadrilles.


Espadrilles With Jeans

Nothing says nautical style like skinny jeans with striped espadrilles. Roll up your cuffs, put on a white t-shirt, and it will take you from the boat to brunch and back.

Espadrilles can spruce up a pair of distressed jeans, and this is one of those rare occasions when a slightly messy look looks more chic than unkempt.

Combining jeans and espadrilles is also an excellent opportunity to experiment with color and pattern. 

Espadrilles With Shorts

The most classic summer looks, espadrilles and shorts, symbolize timeless style like nothing else. Other than that, it is also one of the most effortless outfits to assemble. You can toss this in your suitcase for the weekend and probably won't need anything other than a toothbrush.

Ultimately, whether you want to rock a pair of barberry shoes for the sunset or want something a little more sophisticated, espadrilles are guaranteed to lift your summer shape above the crowd. 

Espadrilles With Socks

This look deserves some daring, paired with a Neapolitan-inspired suit and an open-neck polo. An impeccably tailored suit with the most basic espadrilles and thin black socks can take a classic style and create an impressive effect. Black espadrilles are the go-to option.


How To Care For Such Shoes?

This is not the top but the dangers of jute soles. Put espadrilles in the rain; a person can never wear these shoes again.

To wear your favorite shoes for a long time, you need to care for them carefully:

- Use a gentle brush with soft bristles to brush all shoes gently. Sudden movements can only hurt the shoe, so try to put as little pressure on it as possible.

- To completely clean the shoes from dirt, take a damp cloth. However, remember that espadrilles should not get a lot of water. If you still cannot remove the dirt, buy a special cleaning agent gently applied to cotton.

- This tool must be applied to the contaminated area and wait a bit for the liquid to be absorbed. Then, with a special brush, clean from the remaining dirt. If you follow these recommendations regularly, you can enjoy your shoes for a long time.

- To remove dust and small debris from the surface, wiping it with a damp cloth is enough. You can also use cleaning wipes.

- It is forbidden to apply creams and other compounds to shoes. They won't do anything but damage the product's look. The only product that can be used is water-repellent sprays for suede or leather products.

The most practical option is to leave your shoes outside or in a well-ventilated area, away from heaters.-When drying, place crumpled newspapers or sheets of paper inside. So the shoes will keep the correct shape.

- When cleaning, consider the characteristics of the material from which the shoes are made.

The main advantages of espadrilles that are worth noting are the following:

- a special appearance allows you to combine espadrilles with almost any style of clothing;

- shoes of this type are relevant this season and will remain popular for many years;

- lightweight, reducing the load on the legs;

- a great alternative to sandals or flip-flops;

- the use of soft and elastic materials allows you to produce comfortable shoes;

- the fabric base is breathable, allowing the skin to breathe;

- such products can be worn on bare feet.


Men's Espadrilles In 2022’s Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is not only a problem for women. Men also love fashion and wear the coolest outfits. As for summer shoes, men's espadrilles are at the peak of popularity this year. It is at this time of the year that we are looking for something flattering, but also we are looking for shoes that give us comfort and refreshment in the hottest temperatures of the desired summertime.

We can say that men's espadrilles are a mandatory attribute of men's fashion this summer. They give sophistication and, most importantly, maximum comfort. When choosing espadrilles, we can find many options, different colors, and patterns, as well as many styles. Espadrilles are perfect for every man.

We offer a separate section at Reggenza where you can find men's espadrilles in different styles to suit every man.

Espadrilles should be in every man's wardrobe this summer. It is a key and coveted item of this season when everyone wants to look perfect and modern in fashion.

Even though this is a particular type of shoe, we can find many styles among men's espadrilles. There is one pair of espadrilles for every man, regardless of his style of dress or preference. Not only are these shoes fresh and comfortable, but shoes that can be paired with any outfit, adding a touch of class and elegance.

Depending on the material and model, you should wear lightweight, practical and comfortable footwear, and espadrilles are the shoes you should wear this summer. Espadrilles can be used in any case. They are light, comfortable, and fashionable. Consider espadrilles for the warm season.


The fashion world has gone crazy for espadrilles. Although the big boom in espadrilles in fashion has been going on for several seasons, there is nothing to indicate that this trend should end. Shoes with woven jute or twine soles appeared on the catwalks of the most prominent fashion houses. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more men are being influenced - everyone wants to look fashionable! Vice versa! Fabric shoes are gaining popularity, and designers offer even new variations on the theme of simple shoes. This year's incredibly chic models of saturated colors or those in a multi-color version - both fabric and leather espadrilles. If you still don't have stylish espadrilles in your closet, this season is an excellent opportunity to catch up!


Wrapping Up

We are convinced you already have a favorite style of clothing you are guided by when buying new clothes. The same principle should be applied when buying shoes, for example, in the case of espadrilles. If you've gone for a casual style in your wardrobe, then espadrilles are the inspirational footwear choice you'll be wearing this summer. Let your imagination run wild and combine your outfit with different styles of espadrilles for amazing results. If you're wondering how to follow the trends of the moment, it might be good to know that fashion designers have already dictated the summer trends with espadrilles in most shoes. This year, in addition to the classic options for canvas espadrilles, espadrilles made of genuine leather, richly colored in metallic shades, are in fashion.

If you are still skeptical about espadrilles, we hope we were able to convince you that this is the best choice for the summer season. Fashionable, stylish, and comfortable shoes are the basis of the summer look. Don't be afraid to experiment with fashion - by combining different styles that at first glance don't go together (like sneakers and a suit), you'll get a nice, casual look. So get down to business - combine, mix and enjoy fashion!


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