3 Solid Explanations Of Why Crocodile Leather Is Cool

3 Solid Explanations Of Why Crocodile Leather Is Cool

Crocodile skin has always been considered one of the most beautiful, durable, and expensive natural materials, which was revered by our distant ancestors. They covered their drums and shields with it, made armor from crocodile leather, and also produced other items of clothing and household items.

But among other things, crocodile skin is a very complex material. Without thorough tactile research, even experts frequently struggle to discern its appearance and naturalness. We will try to give you some information about crocodile leather and an explanation of why is that leather so cool.

Crocodile skin is one of the most valuable leather in the world. Since ancient times, it was believed that wearing a product from it is a great success. This is not surprising, because it has a unique texture, so it is simply impossible to confuse it with something else. For many, this material has become a symbol that brings good luck in business and love.

Why is crocodile skin in demand?

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the skin of a crocodile is its unique texture and pattern. Scars, bumps, and scales make products from it unique. In addition, leather is very durable, which allows you to make a variety of things from it: accessories, bags, wallets, shoes, and clothes, but the list is far from complete.

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Crocodile skin itself has several unique features that cannot be ignored:

  • The skin on the belly of a crocodile is very extremely soft and has flat scales, making it similar to the skin of animals. Things made from it look elegant but are distinguished by a restrained strict style. Care should be taken when purchasing as abdominal skin is often counterfeited.
  • Classic horny strands make the skin on the crocodile's back extremely durable. To check the originality of the product, you should feel for the presence of bone plates.
  • Accessories from this part of the skin will look impressive and defiant.

Leather products, placed on the head of a reptile, have a very beautiful pattern, and each of them is unique. But such an accessory will be very expensive.

Reptiles live primarily in water, which makes their skin impervious to moisture. Since a dangerous predator is in constant battles for food or territory, nature has given him excellent protection - durable and elastic.


Characteristics of crocodile leather

Products made from the skin of this reptile are extremely plastic and have excellent strength characteristics. Things made of crocodile skin have the highest wear resistance.

But also, for example, a crocodile bag will attract attention due to its unique style. The main reason for the popularity of things is precisely the unique natural pattern and texture. They are so popular that they are reproduced on "copies" from veal or pork. You can find imitation on eco-leather, but nothing compares to the inimitable and unique original.

Every year, interest in products made from genuine crocodile leather only increases. But attractive design is not the only argument in favor of leather.

It has several other benefits:

  • Uniqueness

The surface is characterized by a characteristic texture and the presence of scales of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is impossible to find two identical elements in accessories.

  • Reliability

Crocodile skin is considered one of the most wear-resistant since it can be damaged only by deliberately cutting it with a lot of effort. You will not see other defects, such as color dullness, abrasions, scratches, cracks, or folds at the bend, even after several years of use.

  • Durability

With proper care, the product will serve the owner for decades, while maintaining an excellent appearance.

The material favorably emphasizes the excellent taste of the owner of any gender and age. Products can not only be made from different parts of the crocodile, which differ in texture but also have different colors. Such a variety will make it easy to combine a prestigious accessory with your favorite suit and shoes.


How to distinguish an original crocodile leather from a fake one

The unique pattern of crocodile skin is very popular, so it is often duplicated on other natural or artificial materials.

To buy an original leather item, it is important to know its features:

  • The horn outgrowths are dense, do not push inward, and under them, you can feel the bone plates.
  • Small defects in the form of scars or scratches are noticeable on the surface. These are injuries that a crocodile could have received in life. They can cause a decrease in the cost of an accessory, but it is also an indicator of authenticity.
  • The scales have different shapes and sizes. In fakes, they are the same with smooth edges, you can track the symmetry and similar areas of the skin.
  • Often, small dots can be seen on each cell. This feature is rarely faked. When checking the material for authenticity, it is worth considering all or at least a few items from the list, because a fake can be of very good quality.


Care for crocodile leather products

The appearance and service life of an accessory made of crocodile skin depends on compliance with the rules of care. The product should not be left in the sun for a long time and near heaters, otherwise the material will become dry, lose elasticity, and shine. Although crocodile skin is resistant to water, long-term exposure to moisture is undesirable for things.

Chemicals must not be used to remove contaminants. Simply wipe the surface with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth. If this proved ineffective, you can purchase a special product for the care of exotic skin with a minimum amount of lanolin.

Compliance with relatively simple rules will allow you to enjoy a leather product for more than 5 or 10 years.


Products and prices: what is sold from crocodile skin?

If in ancient times armor and shields were made from crocodile skin due to its strength, then today shoes and accessories from it are especially respected. For men, there is a wide range of different shoes, coats, and wallets. In addition to them, belts and all kinds of bags are popular too. Men prefer crocodile leather business briefcases.

This is just a small list of what is made from crocodile skin. Things from this material have some common features. First of all - the price. Due to the complexity of the extraction and dressing of the material, things made of crocodile skin are very expensive. The consequence of this is the next common feature of such a product - status. Not everyone can afford such accessories. And those who can, treat them not as practical and durable things, but as an element of luxury, thereby emphasizing their social status.


The Difference Between Crocodile, Alligator, and Caiman

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When choosing products based on crocodile skin, it is worth knowing their main differences. Currently, three types of biological material are used: The skin of any of these animals (crocodile, alligator, or caiman) can be called crocodile because they all belong to the same order of animals - crocodiles. But experts still prefer to distinguish them, especially those that work with the skin of a real crocodile, because this is their main difference from competitors.

All the differences between these skins mainly come down to the appearance and pattern of the skin. But an ordinary buyer will not be able to determine by appearance which wallet he buys from a crocodile or an alligator, especially if the product does not have a nape of the crocodile skin.

Some sellers take advantage of people's improficiency and can pass off cheaper leather as real crocodile leather. But most often it is important for the buyer what kind of crocodile product he buys, as long as it is a “natural crocodile”.

Alligator leather. Its distinguishing feature is the characteristic color in the region of the peritoneum. This site is considered the highest quality and is placed by designers in a prominent place of the product. The alligator's belly is crossed by a pattern in the form of an irregular star. All scales are of various shapes, there is no clear geometric pattern. On the head of this species of crocodile, there are tubercles, which are grouped in two and form several rows.

Crocodile leather. In this species, the area from the abdomen is also most valued. The color is somewhat different from the alligator. A clearer geometric pattern can be distinguished, the scales form uniform squares. And in the center of each of them, you can find small dots. A patch of skin on a crocodile's head has bumps. But unlike the alligator, they group in fours and twos.

Caiman leather. Of all the types described, this skin is considered the most inexpensive. She is rougher and tougher. It is distinguished by a large number of convex growths throughout the area. The skin of the caiman is less elegant, but if it is finished with high quality, then it will not be inferior to other types in terms of practicality and strength.


Does color matter?

Previously, it was believed that products made from natural crocodile skin can only have those colors that are inherent in it in nature. This is because the craftsmen were afraid to expose the valuable material, obtained with great difficulty, carefully and intricately, to bright colors. Therefore, the palette of products was approximately the same: black, dark brown, and green. With the development of industry, the difficulties with dyeing natural materials are gone. Now you can fearlessly give valuable crocodile skin any fashionable shade and lacquer shine. At our materials, you can find the whole custom colors for crocodile leather and wear it in the color you want. You can meet blue, red, orange, yellow and other products. Therefore, at present, the color cannot indicate the naturalness or artificiality of the material.



Wrapping Up

Crocodile leather clothes and accessories are associated with special chic and style. And this is not surprising: premium products are not for everyone. Many people prefer to spend significant sums on travel or clothes, rather than on a handbag that costs half an apartment. But true connoisseurs of quality, luxury, and style will not disregard these elite leather goods.

Crocodile skin is very expensive, but it's worth it. It is very difficult to damage, which is the material’s main advantage. Crocodile skin is often compared to a shell, it is distinguished by the highest density and strength.

Real natural crocodile skin cannot be confused with anything. Leather products that have undergone minimal dressing are especially valued. It traces the mysterious keratinized lines. You can endlessly consider bizarre divorces intertwined with each other.

Modern technologies can give crocodile skin an extraordinary softness. Stylish roughness and a characteristic vague ornament are reminiscent of the "source". Products made of crocodile skin are extremely pleasant in tactile terms. They increase the self-esteem of the owner, as they belong to the elite items of clothing and luxury accessories.


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